Rachael Boer - IPS Bootcamp

IPS Bootcamp with Rachael Boer

A One Day Workshop

June 9, 10AM-4PM

Course Fee $249.00 

Special Early Registration $179.00 when you register before April 10

This intensive one-day bootcamp will cover everything you need to know to begin or improve your in-person sales skills. We will start with the basics: why IPS is great for you and your clients, how to make the transition if you are not currently selling in person, and what you need to begin. We will discuss common challenges, and Rachael will walk you through the flow of an in-person consultation and sale, using role-playing techniques so you can see how objections are handled. You will hear how Rachael brought her average sale from $300 to $3500, and we will have plenty of time for questions and discussion throughout the day. This workshop will benefit both beginners and more advanced IPS photographers, and give you the tools you need to sell more confidently and effectively for happier clients and a more profitable business.

Part 1: The basics of in-person sales, including how to sell if you don't have a studio, what samples of software you need to acquire, and how to transition clients to this model

Part 2: The consultation and sales process, including how to get clients to agree to meet with you, how to handle common objections, and how to keep control of the sale

Part 3: Role-playing different sales scenarios, plus Q&A time to address specific challenges or questions from attendees

Rachael Boer

Rachael Boer is a wedding and portrait photographer located near Washington, D.C. Rachael is the co-founder of IPS Mastermind, an educational platform focusing on business and sales skills for photographers. In her studio, she enjoys giving her clients a luxury experience through in-person sales, and also enjoys teaching other photographers about this business model. Through private coaching, online training, and speaking at workshops and PPA events, Rachael strives to help elevate the industry by teaching principles of sound pricing strategy and sales skills.

In her own business, Rachael photographs family portraits and weddings with a small team of support staff. Rachael is also mom to four small children, and in her (admittedly little) free time, she plays viola and enjoys spending time with her husband of eleven years.